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Dumbbell Workout Exercises

Developer: Dream App Zone

Dumbbell workout app will guide you how to do exercises using dumbbell with animation. You will see how to do exercises. It includes more than 20 exercises. Exercises included are * Concentration Curls* Deal Lifts* Decline Seated Bicep Curls* Dumbbell Lunges* Flat Chest Flies* Flat Chest Presses* French Presses* Front Raises* Half Squats* Hammer Curls* Incline Chest Flies* Incline Chest Presses* Lateral Raises* Laying Bent Over Rows* Overhead Tricep Extensions* Preacher Curls* Reverse Flies* Seated Shoulder Presses* Shrugs* Single Arm Row* Tricep Kickbacks* Upright Rows
These dumbbell exercises are for Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Back, Thighs, Chests
* Animated Exercises* More than 20 exercises* Beautiful Exercises* Dumbbell Exercises
Tags: dumbbell workout, exercises, animation